Drake’s Island Gin

Raising a glass to the important role
that Drake’s Island has played in
Plymouth’s Naval history.
Perfect for gin lovers
& curious adventurers!

Why Gin?

The Navy has long been renowned for the rum tot, or rum ration but it’s not quite so well known that the sailors had the rum ration, while the Officers had a gin ration.

In 18th Century Britain, the Royal Navy legislated that a certain quantity of gin had to be on board every vessel. Gin was thought to have medicinal properties and being out at sea for long periods of time, it was commonplace for sailors to suffer with scurvy for which gin and lime cordial (a Gimlet) was prescribed.

Drake’s Island has played a vital role in the city’s naval history, providing protection for the city and port of Plymouth throughout the centuries. Drake’s Island Gin is our tribute to this naval past.